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Holy Quran and Science of Physics // Wednesday, December 21, 2011
3:55:00 PM
Quran has revealed absolute facts about Physics
 in its true perspective some 1400 years ago. 
This can be a fruit of thought for us.
Surrah Al-A'râf - THE HEIGHTS -
 No.7 - Verse: 54
O Rasool! [ messenger ] tell them that your Rabb
 is the One who has created
the universe in six aeons and kept His control
 over it (10/3). In accordance with
His laws, the planets revolve in such a way
 that day and night succeed each other
 in quick succession. The sun, moon and 
other stars also obey His orders.
 Take note! The domains of Khalq and 
Amr both belong to Allah,
 Who is the source of all blessings and 
Rabb of all the worlds. - verse 54

Surrah Yâ­Sîn - YA-SEEN -
 No.36 - Verse: 40
All these huge heavenly bodies are 
not static in space, but are in continuous
However, all their movements are according
 to a discipline based on set
 measures and calculations. It can never happen
 that the sun, by speeding up,
can overtake the moon; or that the night 
lingers on beyond the point
where the day had to start (meaning that 
the sun rises little after the appointed time).
No, this never happens. Each and every one
 of them keeps moving through space,
 in its own orbit, according to the speed 
and course set for it (21:33). - Verse: 40

Surrah Ar-Rahmân - THE BENEFICENT - 
No.55 - Verse: 5
And for human guidance there are 
unchangeable laws in the Quran;
 just as there are laws in force in 
outer universe according to which 
(for example)the sun and the moon
 follow their
 determined orbits - Verse: 5

No.17 - Verse: 12
Allah Almighty has made the night 
and the day as two signs - the sign of night
 is that it is devoid of light and the sign
 of day is that it is full of light -
 so that you may secure Allah’s bounties.
 The alternation of night
 and day is necessary so that you may 
reckon the years and keep account -
 Allah Almighty has made everything
 distinctly clear (6/97, 10/5) - Verse: 12

Surrah Ash-Shams - THE SUN -
 No.91 - Verse: 1-2
Consider the sun and its radiant
 brilliance - Verse: 1

The moon and its pursuit of the
 sun to receive its light - Verse: 2

Surrah Al-An'âm THE CATTLE -
 No.6 - Verse: 97
He causes the dawn to burst forth
 to enter in the day and has devised
 the night for rest and the sun and 
moon for computing time. 
These are the measures ordained by
 Allah Almighty who is Mighty and Knowing.
-- Verse: 97

Surrah Maryam - MARY - 
No.19 - Verse: 65-67
(O Rasool!) The Law of Mukafat is 
of your Rabb, Who is the sustainer of
everything in the universe. (He alone
 deserves to be obeyed)
 So you also should obey Him and remain
 steadfast in this obedience.
 Is anyone besides him worthy of
 this stature? (No certainly not !)Verse: 65
But does he not remember that We had
 previously created him
when he was nothing. (The God Who can 
create a human being out of nothingness,
 can also bring him back to life after death.)Verse: 67

Surrah Al-Anbiyâ - THE PROPHETS -
 No.21 - Verse:30
(Out of their sheer ignorance some
 people take natural phenomena
as deities or divinities. This is despite the 
fact the entire continuum
of the universe has been created by
 Allah Almighty and remains fervently in
 action according to His given programme.
 At present various phenomena in
 the universe appear to them as functioning 
separately from one another, but)
 Do they not seriously understand that in
 the initial stages of creation all of them 
were one mass which We then parted, 
so that the various celestial bodies started
 floating in their own orbits (21:33; 36:40).
(Take for example the planet earth.
 In its initial stages it separated from
 the original mass, just like a stone thrown
 out from a catapult ~ 79:30.) 
Later (when the earth became ready to bear
 or produce living things) We started life from water.
 (All living things are created from a 
mixture of water ~ 24:45.
And over this fountain of life Allah Almighty
 has kept His own control ~ 11:7.)
It is strange that even after all this explanation,
 they do not believe that
only Allah Almighty wields absolute sovereignty over
 everything in the universe - Verse:30

Surrah Az-Zâriyât -THE WINNOWING WINDS -
No.51 -Verse:47
(This is Our Law of cause & effect, 
under which earlier communities
 came to such an end. Everything in 
this universe is busy making the
Divine Law effective. That is why) 
With Our power and strength
 We have built the universe that is 
spread out in the cosmos.
 The expanse of Our power has
 no boundaries. Verse:47

Surrah At-Talâq - DIVORCE - 
No.65 - Verse:3
You may face some financial difficulties
 in doing so. However the
 Divine System will alleviate these in 
a way that you may not expect!
 Remember, the system satisfactorily 
provides for whoever trusts it
 and ultimately leaves nothing undecided.
 This is so because Allah Almighty has 
devised measures (rules and regulations)
for everything (and matters that are decided 
according to rules and regulations have neither 
uncertainty nor difficulty).
(It is important for the court deciding 
on divorce cases to keep in view
 all these points and their implications;
 and to make suitable provisions
 for the difficulties and complications.) Verse:3

Surrah Al-Furqân -THE STANDARD -
 No.25 - Verse:2
This Book has been revealed by the 
One in Whose domain everything lies.
 His Law is in force everywhere in the 
universe. He needs neither any offspring for help,
 nor can any one become a partner in His authority.
 He has created everything in a particular 
proportion and has determined the measures
 for its capabilities and potentialities.
 (These measures are called the 'taqdeer'
of these things; and ‘taqdeer’ is the ultimate stage of everything.)